Reasons It’s Hard to Beat Professional Product Photography


Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons why you should go with the pros for your product photos:

Professionals Will Use Better Lighting

Your office’s fluorescent bulbs and your kitchen’s pendant lamp aren’t going to cut it when it comes to getting an accurate color and shadow balance on your final shots. Even going outside to take advantage of natural light may be tricky as it’s tougher to schedule, can result in consistency issues, and subjects you to the elements.

Professionals Will Have All the Right Equipment

Smartphone photography has come a long way over the years, but it still cannot compare to the equipment any good professional will bring to a shoot—this equipment may include a high-end camera, a number of lenses, tripods, grips, backdrops, brushes and air blower pumps (to keep dust off your items), multiple lights and lighting accessories, and more. Trained professionals also know their way around the critical functions that come with high-end camera gear and will be able to quickly nail down an appropriate aperture, shutter speed, etc.

Professionals Will Ensure All Catalog Product Shots Feature Consistent and Clean Backgrounds

A clean background on your catalog shots helps ensure that the focus always stays on the product, free of noise and other visual distractions.

Professionals Are Savvy and Efficient Editors

Typically, the photoshoot itself is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating polished product imagery—it’s the (very critical) photo editing stage that’s often the biggest time suck. A pro will have processes in place for making sure the editing process is smooth, quick, and efficient—and will also have the skills to digitally remove any errant blemishes from your photos (like flecks of dust or unexpected markings).